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11 moments in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ that attacked us personally


WARNING: The following post contains very major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame is packed to the gills with jaw-dropping moments that will have any Marvel fan clapping, whooping, weeping, or waving your scarf around in the air before you remember that you’re in a crowded theater full of people (sorry about that, guys). 

Picking our favorite moments was as hard as picking our favorite MCU movies (I don’t care for Iron Man 2), but we landed on 11 moments that had us losing it in the theater.

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Thor going for the head

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Why an enduring U.S. oil spill can’t be stopped


When the Taylor Energy oil drilling platform toppled over in September 2004, its 500-foot-tall metal legs twisted and bent as the looming structure sank to the seafloor. Hurricane Ivan’s pummeling waves had unsettled the muddy ground, which spelled doom for the 20-year-old rig. It lay in a mangled, chaotic heap.

And then, it started leaking oil.

Over 14 years later, oil continues seeping to the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. And as geoscientist Oscar Pineda-Garcia, an expert in satellite-based sensing of oil spills events, concluded last month in a 91-page federal court-ordered report, there’s been a chronic release of “at least” 300 to 700 barrels of oil each day (12,600 to 29,400 gallons). This vastly eclipses previous government estimates of between 1 to 55 barrels per day. Read more…

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Why IGTV should go premium

It’s been four months since Facebook launched IGTV, with the goal of creating a destination for longer-form Instagram videos. Is it shaping up to be a high-profile flop, or could this be the company’s next multi-billion dollar business? IGTV, which features videos up to 60 minutes versus Instagram’s normal 60-second limit, hasn’t made much of […]
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What can hundreds of dead penguins teach us about climate change?


A warmer world might be a penguin-less world. 

New research has connected hundreds of mummified penguin carcasses to two disastrous weather events thought to be influenced by climate change.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, warns that these events might foreshadow what’s to come if the Earth continues to get hotter.  

A team of Chinese and Australian researchers found the mummified Adélie penguins under a remarkably thick layer of sediment in Long Peninsula, East Antarctica, which usually has a dry climate.  Read more…

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Why ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is still the greatest sci-fi TV show of all time


In a year where just about every cheesy TV concept from the 1970s and 1980s seems to be the subject of a reboot, it’s high time we remember the one ’70s reboot that outshone them all — and managed the rare feat of surpassing the original in our imaginations.

I speak of course of Battlestar Galactica — which happens to be the subject of a fantastic oral history published this week. Titled So Say We All, it’s the latest outing for Mark Altman and Edward Gross, the pair who produced the mammoth and meticulous 50-Year Mission, the oral history of Star Trek. And for sci-fi geeks, it’s even more compulsively readable. Read more…

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7 space-based TV shows get graded on realism


This post is part of Science of Sci-Fi, Mashable’s ongoing series dissecting the science (or lack of science) in our favorite sci-fi movies, TV shows, and books.

Hollywood’s attempts to peek into the future are more art than science. Science-fiction TV shows, focused on making good stories, are happy to take liberties with what’s scientifically plausible if it serves the plot. 

For the most part, audiences come along for the ride without questioning the realism. If the USS Enterprise crew is already doing a currently impossible thing, it isn’t such a leap of the imagination to think it also carries machines that beam matter across space or devices that cure diseases overnight.  Read more…

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