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Author Aaron Woodson | Between The Covers…

Author Aaron Woodson  |  Between The Covers…

Featured Author – Aaron Woodson 

Article by: Angelina Assanti –  

In this edition of Between the Covers, I interview poet Aaron Woodson.

Angelina: Where are you from?

Aaron: I am originally from Vallejo, California, located near the famed San Francisco Bay Area. I loved California because of the nice weather year-round, style trends, music, sports teams, and the fantastic attractions! Vallejo is known for its now-defunct Mare Island Shipyard and legendary rapper, E-40!

Angelina: When did you start writing? 

Aaron: I started writing at age 15. I loved writing and began exploring the possibility of pursuing a dream of publishing a book someday. I published my first book in 2018, and my vision was realized, which is an incredible accomplishment!

Angelina: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? 

Aaron: I am a military veteran from the US Air Force; I am a Christian, published author, screenplay writer, actor, entrepreneur, student, poet, son, brother, and friend. 

Angelina: You are a renaissance man. When I asked you to describe yourself, you told me things I didn’t even know!

Aaron: I write poetry, sing, dance, act, go to church, watch sports, work out, box, travel, personal development, laugh, meet people, and relax. I am a very chill, outgoing, high-energy, charismatic person.

Angelina: Please tell our readers about your books. 

Aaron: As you know, I am a local and international published author. I have written two poetry books called The Face of Expression and The Face of Expression 2: In Your Face. They are various expressions that are heartfelt, passionate, and soothing for all my readers.  The poems in each book are therapeutic, and you can be relatable to almost all life demographics. I have an audiobook format to narrate my book, called The Face of Expression. I’ve also co-written a screenplay called Aaliyah & Troy. It’s centered around my life.  It’s also about Love, Poetry, and PTSD.. my new book project will be released in November. It’s called The Face of Expression 2: In Your Face. I’ve been featured on several podcasts and magazines and done several events for marketing exposure. Recently I was interviewed by River City Live to promote my books as well. 

Angelina: You have done something that no one else I know has done, and I will attach the link at the end of this story!

Aaron: I’ve done many Open Mic events throughout the city of Jacksonville and collaborated on a Music and Spoken Word album from Brotherwell (link below). I’m very much involved in the community and hope to serve more people in my area. 

Angelina: What made you decide to try and do all these different things?

Aaron: I was inspired by playwright, actor, producer, philanthropist, and Tyler Perry. I thought about exploring the idea of writing a screenplay, and the opportunity came when I met a fellow local screenplay writer Mike Messier. I met Mr. Messier during rehearsals of a hopeful play production called Shade. However, due to the pandemic, the show was canceled. Mike encouraged me to write a screenplay based on my poetry books. We collaborated and would meet in a local coffee shop called The Coffee Grinder over several months. This year we completed my first screenplay, AALIYAH AND TROY.

Future Projects I’m releasing are my upcoming book, THE FACE OF EXPRESSION 3: FALL OF A KING. I plan to release a Spoken Word Music album down the road too!


You can find Aaron’s works and buy his books, check out these links:,,,


Review of Aaron’s first book from Readers Favorite:

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

“The Face of Expression by Aaron Woodson is a collection of unusually and poignantly written reflections and poetry, each so quick it fills only a page or half of it — snippets of thoughts, an emotion, a glance into reality, a feeling of change, a strain through maturing years. The author allows the reader to peer into his soul, to look through his eyes and understand that life is a struggle, but one we can take charge of and give perspective and a name to through the art of learning, of being present, of loving. He writes: “As I grew, it became a struggle to take my first steps. I stumbled and fell a few times, but I kept getting up and trying again.” 

The thoughts in this book are exciting, and readers will feel connected to the humanity of the poet and the realism that permeates the writing. This aspect of society is one of the elements I enjoyed about the book. While the poet would love to enjoy the awesome moments of love, he makes readers understand the painful aspect of living when he presents his thoughts in “Poetry That Bleeds from My Pen,” noting that “The poetry that bleeds from my pen expresses my admission of guilt, but also my innocence.” The juxtaposition of joy and pain, hope and despair, the innocence of childhood, and the curse of knowledge is one of the powerful elements of style this author uses. The writing in The Face of Expression is filled with vivid imagery, is intimate, and explores universal themes in looking at life from a very fresh perspective. The writing itself is evocative, poetic, and the tone seductive. It’s a beautiful piece that many readers will savor.”


Reviews for his next book:

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

The Face of Expression 2: In Your Face by Aaron Woodson is a collection of poetry, ideas, and musings written in a deceptively simple style and in a voice that is masked by naivety, but it is profound and thought-provoking. The reader is immediately pulled in by the childlike voice that addresses a mother, “The Black Queen,” and as they move from page to page, they begin to feel the different emotions of the persona. At times it reads like journal entries, written in a pensive tone. Aaron Woodson’s poetry is divided into four parts: life and military, romance, God and self-improvement, and emcee battles; the author explores his roots, his relationships, his love, his connection with himself, and the exuberant joy of just being alive. 

It is interesting how the author explores his roots and the strong images he provides of his background. It is both intimate and universal, exploring the hidden joys of a black boy in a racial environment. Yet, it highlights the beauty of life, the secret joy of a connection with God, and the enterprise of personal growth. It is exalting and filled with hope: “I got something called Black Boy Joy! I wake up every day feeling blessed. Thank God for giving me another chance to see a new day.” Aaron Woodson’s writing is entertaining, but it challenges the reader to shift their perspective on life and see the gift in each day, each experience, each encounter, and each breath they take. The Face of Expression 2: In Your Face is a gorgeous compilation that unveils the face of the author and makes for an excellent   read for fans of rap music.

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