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Author Dr. Carol Kennedy | Between The Covers…

Author Dr. Carol Kennedy | Between The Covers…

This Weeks Featured Author – Dr. Carol Kennedy

Article by: Angelina Assanti

This week on Between the Covers, we feature Michigan native, Dr. Carol Kennedy. 

Dr. Kennedy is a multiple award-winning author and a prolific motivational speaker. We are excited to announce that her latest book, Bite-Size Chocolate for the Soul, will be available later this month. 

It is a devotional with conversation-starters – complete with bulleted and numbered talking points for group discussions. This is her sixth book and is a much-anticipated addition to her popular and award-winning series, A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul, where she uses real-life stories to uplift and inspire her readers. 

All authors are told to have an “elevator pitch” ready at all times to be able to sell their book in a hurry. This is Dr. Carol’s elevator pitch for her first in the Chocolate series: 

Do you like chocolate? Do you find it sweet, delicious and satisfying? God’s Word can be the same. Once it becomes part of your daily diet, you will hunger for it. Like chocolate, God’s Word is sweet, satisfying, and delicious.” 

Dr. Carol claims chocolate as her modern parable and shows the reader how the Word sweetens relationships and calms situations. At every speech and book signing, Dr. Carol is always doling out the chocolate. This is a smart strategy. How could anyone not like someone who gives them chocolate?!

Dr. Kennedy uses her expert knowledge from spending over thirty years in the educational system and placed lessons-learned into relatable, simple-to-follow chapters and stories.

Her backlist includes A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul, A Second Taste of Chocolate for the Soul, The Grief Monster, The Encyclopedia of Parenting from A-Z so help me God!, The 15 Minute Guide to Parenting and now Bite-Size Chocolate for the Soul

I have personally read all of her books and appreciate her candor when it comes to difficult topics. Dr. Kennedy is always willing to share personal triumphs as well as tragedies so her readers can relate to her. In The Grief Monster, Dr. Carol discusses her grief about the untimely death of her sister who was killed in a road-rage car crash. 

Dr. Kennedy compares her grief to that of a monster and even though it is written in the form of a children’s book, adults have read it as well to help them in their grieving process. Her simplified faith-based explanation of grieving is easily identified-with and has been well-received over the years – especially with children, who may not understand why they can’t physically see their loved one(s) anymore. 

Her parenting book alone features over seventy topics. It has proven methods of caring parenting. Dr. Kennedy and her husband, Dick, are parents and have one grandson. They have been married for 49 years! Dr. Carol wants to remind parents that they are their children’s first teachers! They show values, behaviors, and even reading skills to their children just by their behavior. Parents draw boundaries and set standards for their lives. It makes sense that they should be setting the behavior in their homes.  

The mistakes parent make are difficult to undo as the children get older.  Dr. Kennedy shows parents how to use every window of opportunity for good while children are young.

Dr. Carol earned her Bachelor’s degree in English, her Master’s in Reading Instruction, and her EdD in Educational Leadership. She is qualified to supervise any educational program from K-12. And even though she is well-educated, she writes her books purposefully at a fourth-grade equivalent so anyone can comprehend the text. 

As a writer myself, I know this is the literary market standard (even for New York Times Bestsellers) but may seem surprising to people who are not writers. 

Dr. Kennedy is a popular orator. Her quick-wit and sincerity shine when she is in front of an audience. I have had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Kennedy at several events and she knows how to work the crowd and tailor her speeches to accommodate their topic requirements. 

I have also seen her speak at church functions, as well as secular ones, and she always gets some laughs and powerful emotional reactions from her personal stories and anecdotes. 

Her two most popular speeches are: “Put your joy hat on” – which I have personally seen and it was almost a comedy act because of her props! And then, “Taking our broken pieces and turning them into God’s kaleidoscope.” 

If you would like to know more about Dr. Kennedy, please check out our links to her social media, webpage, and Amazon author page.

If you would like to book Dr. Kennedy for a speaking engagement, please follow this link and do not delay!

Thanks to snowbirds, this is her busiest time of the year!


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