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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Our Review

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – In Theaters Today!



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  • Rating:    R
  • Runtime:    2 Hours 41 Minutes
  • Directed by:   Quentin Tarantino
  • Cast:   Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt

Synopsis (courtesy  A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

Gen X Review – by Angelina Assanti

Quentin Tarantino called this his “masterpiece.” In fact, he said recently that it may be the last movie he ever makes. He thinks it’s that good.

I will make a solid case against this movie being a masterpiece.

After looking at the exceptional scores on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD, I am convinced the world has gone mad. This is my theory, movies are just so bad now, and audiences are clamoring for any semblance of a great flick. Spoiler alert – this is not it.

About me…I actually like some of his movies. Yes they are over-the-top with gore, violence, and chapters working together to be summed up in one grand finale.

There are several major problems with the script. First off, the movie was fragmented. In true Quintin fashion, the story doesn’t stay in chronological order. There are clips of Leonardo’s character (he portrays an actor) in his movies. I initially enjoyed that. But after a while it just felt that Tarantino had interjected story ideas that he couldn’t flesh out and complete as full-length stories.

The next problem – and it’s a big one – every story needs a major problem that the character needs to rectify that forces the character to grow. Alas, there is NO problem with this movie. Seriously. Where’s the arc of the story? Where is the problem that our hero must resolve? In fact, WHO is our hero? You start out thinking it is Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. After all, you find out right away that he’s an aging movie star. And if there’s one thing Hollywood hates, it’s a star past their prime. But then we realize that the main protagonist is actually Bard Pitt’s character of stuntman. If your characters have no problem – you have NO movie! This poses a problem for a movie with a run time of two hours and forty minutes. We saw several people just get up and leave around and hour and a half in and they never came back!

Tarantino really reaches for “old” Hollywood and pines for the days when men were men who kept their “little women” in line. Apparently no one told Quentin about the #metoo movement? Seems unlikely since he not only knew about Harvey Weinstein but did nothing. In fact, the Guardian quoted Tarantino saying, “I knew enough to do more than I did.” Wow. Way to stick up for victims. It takes a real man to look away. But then again, if you’re not being personally attacked and still being able to produce movies, why hurt your own career to help others? You learn a lot about a person who has power and how they choose to use it.

I guess he has what it takes to be a man in Hollywood nailed down. I think it’s time for this kind of movie making to go by the wayside. Like the yester years of movies, bad women are ugly in this movie and the beautiful women are “good.” Even when they’re not so good. Tarantino tries to convince the audience there’s a story being threaded here. But the movie is painfully slow and I only enjoyed the last thirty minutes of it.

It was almost worth the two hours and ten minutes of confusion to get to the climactic quarter of the movie.

I have never been a Brad Pitt fan but he was the best part about this movie. Quite honestly, there was so much that didn’t make sense and so much was added that didn’t do anything to move the story forward, Pitt was the one thing worth watching.

In three words, this movie was excessive, disappointing, and misogynistic.

I give this “masterpiece” two stars and they’re both for Brad.



Gen Z Review – by Tommy D.

To preface my entire review, I have to admit I am a huge Tarantino fan.

One of my personal favorite movies of all time is “Inglorious Bastards.” I love his style of film and I love the details of each movie.

This film just does not feel like a Tarantino movie. None of the hallmarks of his style were present in this movie. The separation of the plot into chapters, the bloody violence, the high paced “edge of your seat” type action that are in all his movies just were not there in this film. The incredible action of movies like “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction” just felt like a totally different filmmaker and style.

I would not have guessed this was a Tarantino film if you had just showed it to me. The plot was non-existent, the music was never there, and there was never actually sort of issue.

I mean that there was no main issue with the plot at all. It was an incredibly bizarre movie and I do not recommend seeing it.

I give this movie two suns.

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