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Author Ginger Marks | Between The Covers…

Author Ginger Marks | Between The Covers…

This Week’s Featured Author –Ginger Marks

Article by: Angelina Assanti

In this week’s edition of “Between the Covers,” we feature multiple award-winner author and publisher, Ginger Marks.  

I asked Ginger how many books she has written. She said there is too many to count!

“Presentational Skills for the Next Generation was the first one I ever wrote. After that, I wrote several short books and began writing articles. After ten years, I compiled those articles and turned them into a book; Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom. Every year since 2006, I have written a marketing book which continues to be a Best-Seller and has won multiple awards. Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide is the title of that work. Recently, I wrote my first children’s book, which also has won the FAPA President’s Award, which will be presented at the FAPA President’s Award dinner in August of this year (2019). This book is titled, Mia’s Reflections.”

Ginger grew up in a creative family of outgoing people.

“I come from a family of authors, writers, preachers, teachers, and artists. That being said, I grew up singing and playing the piano from a very young age. I was never a very active or outgoing child, preferring to keep to myself. You probably would never guess that as a child I was shy. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I finally learned that I was a valuable person who had a right to be heard.”

I asked Ginger if she thought being an author had changed her.

“I think being an author has caused me to grow in a myriad of ways. It’s given me more confidence. I have learned how to improve my speaking skills as well as my writing.”

Ginger offers some uplifting advice for would-be authors.

“Whatever you have to say, say it. Get it out, refine it later. You are worthwhile, and your audience awaits you.”

A sense of humor is important to Ginger and is something her readers pick up on.

“I was tickled when one of my fans approached me and said, ‘I just knew that the person who wrote the Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide had to have a great sense of humor and I just had to meet you!’”

I like to ask writers what author they would dine with (living or dead) if they could!

“Emily Brontë, without question. I fell in love with her work after reading Wuthering Heights. This is my favorite era to read about. My second favorite would have to be Westerns.”

Ginger doesn’t think she has changed much since she has been an author but one positive change she acknowledges is confidence.

“I’ve found my voice. I believe I am a better person, writer, and speaker. I have gained much self-confidence and am no longer the shy little girl I used to be. I think being an author has caused me to grow in a myriad of ways. It’s given me more confidence. I have learned how to improve my speaking skills as well as my writing.”

When pondering pivotal defining moments in her career, Ginger shared some thoughts about sharing knowledge.  

“Mostly, I write business-focused books and articles since that is my knowledge base. I strive to be conversational and not preachy. To get the point I am making across in a friendly, non-threatening style is what I strive for in my writing.”

Ginger likes to give back to the writing community and this is a constantly evolving business. Ginger has an “It takes a village” approach in helping other authors.

“Every time I put pen to paper, I am reminded of the reason I write business self-help books. My forty years’ experience as an entrepreneur has given me significant knowledge and insight that I enjoy sharing with new business owners.”

Even when Ginger isn’t working on adding more books to her own backlist, she is working on books for her clients.

“My day job is as a publisher/designer. So, I keep a toe in the writing field every day.”

Being born into a family of published authors, Ginger was destined to make a career out of it.

“I didn’t really have a defining moment when I decided to become an author. One day, I just sat down and started putting thought to paper. When I told my mother – who herself is a published author – that I was writing a book, she replied, ‘What took you so long?’”

Ginger’s mom is her biggest fan. When I asked Ginger how people would describe her, she talked about her mom.

“Most people I know would describe me as ‘sweet’. My mother, to this day, says, ‘Ginger was so sweet when she was little, and still is!’”

Well, that’s not an unbiased opinion, but mine is! I have known Ginger for years and she always is eager to share her knowledge with others to improve the quality of their books. She is on the board of directors for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association and will be speaking about publishing at FAPA’s annual conference in August.


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