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Welcome to SWFL Online News Presents: Between The Covers… Here you’ll be introduced to the storytellers behind the stories and discover the fascinating reasons that drive these seemingly ordinary local Floridians to create extraordinary books of fact and fiction.

Scott P. Smith | Local Author

This Weeks Featured Author - Scott P. Smith Article by Sandy Shelton  In the spotlight this week is author of the series Zaniac Books and Fort Myers resident Scott P. Smith. As Scott grew up moving back and forth between Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio, he discovered one...

Author Theolyn Brock

This Weeks Featured Author - Theolyn Brock Article by Sandy Shelton   In the spotlight this week is author Theolyn Brock creator of ‘Lake City: Stories from a Country-Ass Town’ and ‘Island X’. A self-described recovering paralegal who has spent decades working in...

Author Aaron Woodson | Between The Covers…

Featured Author – Aaron Woodson  Article by: Angelina Assanti -  In this edition of Between the Covers, I interview poet Aaron Woodson. Angelina: Where are you from? Aaron: I am originally from Vallejo, California, located near the famed San Francisco Bay Area. I...

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